Supporting Our Shamrock Marching Band

Working to accommodate the current & future bands for years to come!


To aide in the advancement and welfare of the school marching band program, including auxiliary. As a Booster Club, we are there to help the marching band program with uniforms, instruments, or equipment to the best of our financial ability as we the Band Boosters see fit.


We welcome you to become a Member of the Barnesville Band Boosters. Membership is open to anyone that has a interest in the benefit of the Shamrock Marching Band Program. Those seeking to get involved can Volunteer and/or attend our Meetings. Meetings are posted on our website in the events section. Meetings are a good way to keep up with what is going on.

Importance of a Band Program

A band program is vital to our school and to our community. Band not only teaches musical skills and appreciation for the arts, it instills a sense of teamwork, respect and delivers a sense of accomplishment and rewards students for their hard work and effort. Our Marching Band is the spirit of the Barnesville Shamrocks, playing at local events and representing our community and school in parades and at football games. Our Marching Band is the face of the Barnesville School District and the spirit of our community. Your support helps us accommodate the current and future bands for years to come!


Donations are accepted throughout the year. Those sending donations can put the donation toward our General Funds or toward our Uniform Funds, or as specified. General Funds are used for: Purchase of Instruments, Repair of Instruments, Auxiliary Equipment, Equipment for use of band, Music Purchases, Student trips, Or anything that is of benefit to the Marching Band Students. Uniform Fund is used strictly for uniform related purchases. To make a donation, you can send a check or money order to: Barnesville Band Boosters, c/o Lori Watson, 56342 Somerton Hwy, Barnesville, OH 43713


Being apart of the Barnesville Band Boosters is rewarding. We encourage anyone that has a interest in the Band or program to get involved. We offer many volunteer opportunities from: cleaning and prep work for concessions, helping haul supplies to the stadium, unloading supplies, working the Band Booster concession stands, Prep for Booster events, and Booster event volunteering. Check our events and news page for volunteer opportunities. Feel free to get ahold of us to help out. By helping out, you are helping the Marching Band Program, as well as, the current and future students of the program!